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24/7 Carbon-Free Energy for cities
7th July 2022

24/7 Carbon Free-Energy offers a holistic approach to managing energy and the transition away from fossil-fuel power systems, which requires cities to change how they manageelectricity demand and supply. The C40 Knowledge Hub contains a range of resources and insights from leading climate cities, capturing the case for action, the most impactful and practical steps to take and how to implement them.

Go 24/7 CFE Webinar
29th June 2022

Our regular one-hour workshops provide an opportunity for businesses, investors, solution providers and policy makers to meet the expert team and find out more about the growing movement for 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy (CFE) and how 24/7 CFE can accelerate electricity grid decarbonization and its relevance to net-zero goals. In addition, the workshops will also inform interested stakeholders across the energy ecosystem, how to join this movement and commit to the 24/7 CFE Compact.

What are the barriers of solar energy rollout within the EU?
Solar panels from aerial view
29th May 2022

Eurelectric supports the ambition of the EU strategy for solar energy to develop a strong value chain and increase the contribution of solar energy to the 2030 targets. Yet, multiple barriers delayed the deployment of solar energy projects. This article explores how they expect to address these problems.

Can 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy disrupt the power industry?
Aerial view of buildings with solar panels on roof
22nd May 2022

24/7 Carbon-Free Energy is one of the buzzwords whizzing around in the energy industry. This article explores that 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy is much more than an ambitious goal, and argues that the path of 100% decarbonization, can be considered a disruptive technology within the energy industry.  

Unlocking East Asia with 150MW fishery solar project in Taiwan
Solar panels from aerial view
15th May 2022

Lightsource bp has launched in East Asia, supporting a 150MW fishery solar project in Taiwan in cooperation with local company Green Rock Energy. The project is Lightsource bp’s first fishery venture and will support the local aquaculture industry while backing Lightsource bp’s target of 25GW of solar by 2025.

Google net zero plan
Wind turbines in marshy landscape
12th May 2022

Google is a global leader in the low carbon transition. Google was the first major company to reach carbon neutrality in 2007, and in 2017 it attained its goal of matching its energy use with 100 percent renewable energy purchases. Emily Farnworth spoke with Michael Terrell, Head of Energy Market Strategy at Google. Michael leads the global energy market strategy and 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy initiatives for Google’s data centres and global energy portfolio.

EDP secures expansion of solar energy partnership
Workers in field fitting solar panels
11th May 2022

EDP has recently signed a global partnership to install up to 100MWp of solar energy at Faurecia’s sites in Europe, Asia and North America. By the end of 2023, more than 60 self-consumption solar parks will be installed at the multinational's industrial units, making it the largest distributed solar energy project in several continents simultaneously.

British Gas partners with St Modwen Homes in first carbon neutral homes
Children arriving home from school
11th May 2022

British Gas has partnered up with St. Modwen Homes, one of the UK’s leading developers of new housing communities and high-quality homes. The partnership will launch the first carbon negative trial home, capable of reducing homeowners’ energy bills by 79% and delivering a 125% reduction in CO2 emissions.

ENGIE Energy Access innovate plan at financing universal access to electricity
Man and woman looking at laptop together
8th May 2022

To accelerate energy access for Sub-Saharan Africa, ENGIE Energy Access and the Energy Web Foundation are revolutionizing financing methods through the usage of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This is set to accelerate sustainable electrification in Africa.

Energy storage is key to unlocking renewable power's full potential
Solar panel with sunset in background
3rd May 2022

Energy storage is going to be a quintessential part of the new power system architecture states WBCSD, as it not only helps to balance out the variability in generation but could also enable consumption of self-generated renewable power by consumers and reduce the need to feed excess electricity back into the grid.

Blockchain for a sustainable future
People at a desk with laptops for business meeting
20th April 2022

Anya Nova shares the major transitions occurring in the blockchain and the benefits of these transitions to speed and sustainability. Powerledger is undergoing a major transition that will lead to more efficient energy usage. This article dispels the myth that blockchains are bad for the environment and argues they are the cutting edge technology built for a sustainable future.

North American renewable energy prices skyrocket nearly 30% in one year
Wind turbines on hills
12th April 2022

According to a recent report from LevelTen Energy, North American renewable energy developers are struggling to build solar and wind projects fast enough to keep up with demand. This is leading to a shortage of power purchase agreements for corporations and other large energy buyers, which are critical to bringing new clean energy projects online and meeting net zero targets.

Health as an accelerator on the journey to a net zero, nature positive and equitable future
Woman reading from a tablet device
6th April 2022

Bringing together the agendas on health and nature might just be one of our best hopes to tackle nature loss and climate change at the same time, as well as protecting and improving health. In 2022, World Health Day is bringing these two themes together, and every business needs to take note and step up. 

A deeper dive into 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy
An aerial view of a boat approach a wind turbine in the ocean
3rd April 2022

Tech giants and startups are chasing more precise data to make the grid cleaner by the hour — and asking governments and regulators to catch up. The EnergyTag initiative released standards designed to lay the groundwork for a global system that tracks and trades clean energy on an hour-by-hour basis — in other words, a standard for 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy.

Michael Terrell on Google's pursuit of 24/7 clean energy
Google logo on the front of an office building
27th March 2022

This podcast is by Michael Terrell, Google’s Director of Energy, and his pursuit of 24/7 clean energy. In 2020, Google announced a new goal: it wants to run all of its facilities around the world on clean energy, every hour of every day, 24/7. This podcast runs through how the 24/7 clean energy movement is going, what kinds of technologies might help achieve it, and what sorts of policies could help unlock it for the entire grid.

Why does the world need 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy?
Woman taking care of cypress plants
13th March 2022

In April 2021, AES and Google partnered together to launch a first-of-its-kind 24/7 Carbon-Free Energy solution. Through this partnership, AES and Google set a new standard for corporate sustainability and created a roadmap for other organizations to accelerate the transition to a 24/7 carbon-free future.

In search of 24/7 carbon-free power
13th March 2022

This podcast titled  “The missing hours: in search of 24/7 carbon-free power”, discusses how infrastructure is capable of delivering 24/7 carbon-free power. Covering all types of renewables such as wind, solar, batteries and biomass, the conversation also highlights the growing importance of digital applications and ESG within carbon-free power.

Microsoft’s sustainability commitments: building a foundation for 2030
Northern lights over snowy mountains
10th March 2022

Microsoft's annual sustainability report offers a comprehensive look at the progress made in 2021 to becoming a carbon negative, water positive, zero-waste company by 2030. It also highlights from the clear climate commitments in January 2020 that they are committed to transparency in their learnings.

What’s better for a net zero future?
An industrial building
3rd March 2022

The European Union has recently decided to classify nuclear energy as a green energy source. But the question remains: is nuclear energy truly carbon-free? This article takes a look at both sides of the debate and explores the pros and cons of whether nuclear power could provide a short-term solution for a stable source of baseline, low-carbon energy.